PEAC starts a new course

For this new academic year, which began on October 16, the team of expert collaborators has increased to 160 who, together with a team of 17 coordinators, face an exciting year that will finish in June 2022.


The new South Location 2, situated in the Secondary School “Manuel de Falla” in Móstoles, joins the other six already in operation, with the aim of meeting the growing demand of new students from more than 20 cities and towns in the southwest of the Community of Madrid.

The Max Mazin Foundation will work closely with the PEAC Management and Administration Team to maintain the quality and excellence of a pioneer program that aims to support the progress of gifted students, through activities, learning environments and personal development which is complementary to the activities in their educational centres.


PEAC students come from public, semi-public and private schools, as applications for participation have increased considerably in recent years.

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