Social commitment

The Max Mazin Foundation, faced with the pressing needs generated by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, decided to contribute to the enormous effort organised by the Community of Madrid to alleviate the effects of the tragedy. Faced with this terrible reality that we all had to fight against, whether we wanted to or not, and fully aware of what it means to live in a world without support or way outs, the Max Mazin Foundation made its contribution to the fight against this devastating plague of the 21st century.


In collaboration with the organisation Israeli Flying Aid, the Max Mazin Foundation has managed the purchase and shipment of more than 180 tons of food to the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev. The shipment was made by road from the city of Tarnow in Poland, 100 km from the Ukrainian border.

With this action, the Max Mazin Foundation wants to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people and denounce the cruel and unjust war provoked by the Russian invasion, supporting basic food needs in the country.