Max Mazin Scholarships for PEAC Alumni and Max Mazin Award

What does it consist of?
The Max Mazin Foundation, aware of the importance of detecting and adequately attending the needs of students and people with giftedness, decided in 2013 to create the Max Mazin Scholarships and Max Mazin Award, whose first seven editions were awarded in collaboration with the CEIM Foundation.

With this initiative, the CEIM Foundation and the Max Mazin Foundation wished to pay tribute to the figure of Max Mazin, the first President of the Board of the CEIM Foundation, as well as the architect and main driving force behind the start of support to gifted students in the Community of Madrid over two decades ago.


The annual awarding of the Max Mazin Scholarships allows for the continued support for students with intellectual giftedness in the PEAC Programme, helping them to face their university, master’s or PhD studies. For its part, the Max Mazin Award recognises the work of individuals, institutions and entities that contribute to the assistance of people with giftedness.

 The high level of participation and the great interest shown in the first eight editions, which have already been completed, have led to the awarding of more than one hundred and fifty scholarships and financial support for higher education studies to PEAC students.


The winners are selected by a specialised jury, drawn from the field of education, which evaluates the applications using the following criteria: academic excellence, life experience and aspirations, and financial circumstances.