PEAC (Educational Enrichment Program for Gifted Students)

What is it?
Known by its acronym PEAC, the Program was formed in the 1999-2000 academic year, with the permanent support and drive of Max Mazin. It was kickstarted through an agreement between the CEIM Foundation and the regional Ministry of Education and Youth of the Community of Madrid.

Three years earlier and from his position as President of the CEIM Foundation, Max Mazin actively worked to launch a pioneer research project on the identification of gifted students, which became the pedagogical and technical basis to make PEAC a reality, working with 157 students in the initial year.

The Foundation and PEAC
Since 2020, the Max Mazin Foundation has been coordinating the Program with the General Directorate of Infant and Primary Education at the Regional Ministry of Education.

Currently, the PEAC serves 2,500 students per year, works with more than 135 teachers and has seven sites distributed throughout the territory of the Community of Madrid.

Purpose of the program
The aim of PEAC is the systematic development of the giftedness presented by a part of the school population. This aim is carried out through the following objectives:

  • To contribute to the development of the abilities and personality of the participating pupils.
  • To develop innovative thinking and creativity.
  • To consolidate positive strategies for relationships between peers and social skills adapted to the context in which they take place.
  • To act in enriched learning contexts.
  • Appreciate teamwork.
  • To value others and their differences as a source of enrichment.

As a result of the initiative of the Program, in 2013 the European Union approved a resolution to identify and provide specific attention to gifted children in its 27 countries, following the Spanish example.