Aditus Program

What does it consist of?
In 2017, the Max Mazin Foundation, together with Rafael Saiz, decided to create the Aditus program with the conviction that in an increasingly globalised context, the excellence of our students is the best possible investment in the future of our country. Aditus is committed to the talent of Spanish students with high potential and limited financial resources and supports them in the application process to prestigious international universities.

After an arduous selection process, the Foundation, through Aditus, supports the students who enter the program with human, academic and financial resources.

Methodology and evolution over the years
For nearly a year, students prepare for admission to the universities of excellence that best suit their qualities. To this end, Aditus guides the members of the program during the different phases of the admission process, individually and free of charge, through specialised training and the assignment of Spanish tutors who are studying at international universities or who are recent graduates.

While the first three graduating classes were limited to the Community of Madrid, because of the great interest that was generated, in the last three graduating classes the program was extended to the rest of Spain.

The success of excellence
We are proud that in the last years Aditus students have been accepted with very generous scholarships at universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern, Pennsylvania at the U.S., at Imperial College, Warwick, Manchester and University College London in the UK or Maastrich and Groningen in the Netherlands.

The Aditus program, in line with the ethos of the Foundation, follows in the footsteps of Max Mazin, who believed in the talent of Spanish students, academic excellence and equal opportunities.