Our commitment to education, talent and solidarity.


 * PEAC (Educational Enrichment Program for Gifted Students)

What does it consist of?
Known by its acronym PEAC, the Program was formed in the 1999-2000 academic year, with the permanent support and drive of Max Mazin. It was kickstarted through an agreement between the CEIM Foundation and the regional Ministry of Education and Youth of the Community of Madrid.

Three years earlier and from his position as President of the CEIM Foundation, Max Mazin actively worked to launch a pioneer research project on the identification of gifted students, which became the pedagogical and technical basis to make PEAC a reality, working with 157 students in the initial year.

The Foundation and PEAC
Since 2020, the Max Mazin Foundation has been coordinating the Program with the General Directorate of Infant and Primary Education at the Regional Ministry of Education.

Currently, the PEAC serves 2,500 students per year, works with more than 135 teachers and has seven sites distributed throughout the territory of the Community of Madrid.

Purpose of the Program
The aim of PEAC is the systematic development of the giftedness presented by a part of the school population. This aim is carried out through the following objectives:

  • To contribute to the development of the abilities and personality of the participating pupils.
  • To develop innovative thinking and creativity.
  • To consolidate positive strategies for relationships between peers and social skills adapted to the context in which they take place.
  • To act in enriched learning contexts.
  • Appreciate teamwork.
  • To value others and their differences as a source of enrichment.

As a result of Max Mazin’s initiative, in 2013 the European Union approved a resolution to identify and provide specific attention to gifted children in its 27 countries, following the Spanish example.

* Max Mazin Scholarships for PEAC Alumni and Max Mazin Award

What does it consist of?
The Max Mazin Foundation, aware of the importance of detecting and adequately attending the needs of students and people with giftedness, decided in 2013 to create the Max Mazin Prize, whose first seven editions were awarded in collaboration with the CEIM Foundation.

With this initiative, the CEIM Foundation and the Max Mazin Foundation wished to pay tribute to the figure of Max Mazin, the first President of the Board of the CEIM Foundation, as well as the architect and main driving force behind the start of support to gifted students in the Community of Madrid over two decades ago.


Since 2020, the Board of Trustees of the Max Mazin Foundation decided to continue organising the annual editions of the Prize on its own. This will allow, on the one hand, to continue supporting intellectually gifted students through scholarships, so that they can more easily cope with their university studies and, on the other hand, to support, recognise and reward the work of people, institutions and entities that deal with the care of people with giftedness.

This decision was also founded on the high participation and great interest shown in the first eight rounds of past applications, which have led to the granting of almost one hundred and fifty scholarships and financial aid for university studies for gifted students.

The jury select the winners from among the students of the PEAC (the Program for Gifted Students in the Community of Madrid) by means of applications in which the excellence in their studies, their career and life aspirations, and their economic circumstances are considered.

* AlumniPEAC Project

What does it consist of?
“Education as a priority for the development of the human being”.

With this maxim, and during the academic year 1999-2000, PEAC, the Educational Enrichment Program for Gifted students, began its journey with the personal drive of Max Mazin, through the CEIM Foundation and with the institutional support of the Community of Madrid.

After more than 20 years, the Max Mazin Foundation has taken on the initiative of creating the AlumniPEAC community, with the aim of resuming the relationship with the alumni of the program and not losing the bond that has united us after so many years together.


The AlumniPEAC project seeks to continue inspiring alumni through activities and initiatives of interest; among others, conferences, colloquiums, internships, mentoring, job fairs, etc. and of course, social activities that serve as a meeting place for all alumni who have gone through PEAC.

The Max Mazin Foundation will work as a facilitator and promoter of the project, from a participative perspective.

We would be delighted to count with those of you who would like to help us shape these activities, as well as to study any ideas that you think might be interesting.

University educational excellence

* Aditus Program

What does it consist of?
In 2017, the Max Mazin Foundation, together with Rafael Saiz, decided to create the Aditus program with the conviction that in an increasingly globalised context, the excellence of our students is the best possible investment in the future of our country. Aditus is committed to the talent of Spanish students with high potential and limited financial resources and supports them in the application process to prestigious international universities.

After an arduous selection process, the Foundation, through Aditus, supports the students who enter the program with human, academic and financial resources.

Methodology and evolution over the years
For nearly a year, students prepare for admission to the centres of excellence that best suit their qualities. To this end, Aditus guides the members of the program during the different phases of the admission process, individually and free of charge, through specialised training and the assignment of Spanish tutors who are studying at international universities or who are recent graduates.

While the first three graduating classes were limited to the Community of Madrid, because of the great interest that was generated, in the last three graduating classes the program was extended to the rest of Spain. Of the applications received, all of them excellent, approximately 20% of the candidates are selected.

The success of excellence
We are proud that in the last years Aditus students have been accepted with very generous scholarships at universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Northwestern and the University of Pennsylvania in the U.S., and at Imperial College and Kings College in the UK, among others (See video).

The Aditus program, in line with the ethos of the Foundation, follows in the footsteps of Max Mazin, who believed in the talent of Spanish students, academic excellence and equal opportunities.

Supporting vulnerable groups

* ALEH Project

What does it consist of?
Since 2013, ALEH project, located in Jerusalem, Israel.

ALEH is an institution dedicated to the care of children and young people with severe physical and intellectual disabilities. ALEH focuses on providing a global solution that includes residential care, medical treatment, rehabilitation programs, educational and social services, all in a friendly environment so that these patients can live in a warm and caring atmosphere that recognises in each of them a human being with the same needs and feelings as everybody else.

Collaboration with other entities

* Yad Vashem Association

What does it consist of?
Since 2018, the Max Mazin Foundation has been supporting the Yad Vashem Spain Association.

The Museum and Centre for the Research and Study of the Holocaust in Israel is represented by this organisation in Spain, which acts to keep alive the memory of the victims, to establish and defend the historical truth in all aspects linked to the Holocaust and to promote education in the learning and understanding of the catastrophe.

Social commitment

What does it consist of?

The Max Mazin Foundation, faced with the pressing needs generated by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, decided to contribute to the enormous effort organised by the Community of Madrid to alleviate the effects of the tragedy. Faced with this terrible reality that we all had to fight against, whether we wanted to or not, and fully aware of what it means to live in a world without support or way outs, the Max Mazin Foundation made its contribution to the fight against this devastating plague of the 21st century.