AlumniPEAC Project

What does it consist of?

“Education as a priority for the development of the human being”. 

With this maxim, and during the academic year 1999-2000, PEAC, the Educational Enrichment Program for Gifted students, began its journey with the personal drive of Max Mazin, through the CEIM Foundation and with the institutional support of the Community of Madrid. 

After more than 20 years, the Max Mazin Foundation has taken on the initiative of creating the AlumniPEAC community, with the aim of resuming the relationship with the alumni of the program and not losing the bond that has united us after so many years together.


The AlumniPEAC project seeks to continue inspiring alumni through activities and initiatives of interest; among others, conferences, colloquiums, internships, mentoring, job fairs, etc. and of course, social activities that serve as a meeting place for all alumni who have gone through PEAC.

The Max Mazin Foundation will work as a facilitator and promoter of the project, from a participative perspective.

We would be delighted to count with those of you who would like to help us shape these activities, as well as to study any ideas that you think might be interesting.