Max Mazin Brodovka was a Spanish businessman of Russian origin, president of the Jewish Community of Madrid between 1961 and 1969.

 He was a key figure in the institutionalisation of the Spanish Jewish community during Franco’s regime, a pioneer of Spanish business associations and a promoter of innovative projects in the educational and university fields.


Max Mazin

At the Max Mazin Foundation we work to study and conserve the memory of Max Mazin’s life, as well as his professional and institutional achievements.

 The Foundation promotes cultural, economic, scientific, educational and social activities, paying special attention to those related to Jewish culture, as well as to the strengthening and consolidation of relations between Spain, Israel and the Jewish communities of the rest of the world, through training programs, courses, seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

We focus on supporting initiatives aimed at combating anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance, as well as promoting, supporting and disseminating the study, research and teaching of the Holocaust.

 The Max Mazin Foundation is strictly family-based. Its Board of Trustees consists of his four children, Dafna, Daniel, Ariel and Miguel Mazin Mor, and is chaired by his widow, Atara Mor Zilberstein.

Our commitment to education, talent and solidarity

Max Mazin Foundation in the program Cámara Abierta 2.0 of TVE

Educational Enrichment Program for Gifted Students (PEAC)

The PEAC aims to systematically support the development of gifted students in the Community of Madrid.

Max Mazin Scholarships for former PEAC students and Max Mazin Award

With these scholarships, the Foundation recognises the talent and effort of PEAC alumni and supports them in their university, master's or doctoral studies.

AlumniPEAC Project

After more than 20 years, the Max Mazin Foundation took the initiative to create the AlumniPEAC community, with the aim of re-establishing relations between PEAC alumni.

Aditus Program

The Aditus program is committed to the talent of Spanish students, academic excellence and equal opportunities.

ALEH Project

ALEH is an institution dedicated to the care of children and young people with severe physical and intellectual disabilities. ALEH focuses on providing a global solution that includes residential care, medical treatment, rehabilitation programs, educational and social services, all in a friendly environment so that these patients can live in a warm and caring atmosphere that recognises a human being in each of them with the same needs and feelings as everybody else.

Holocaust History Museum – Yad Vashem

Max Mazin actively collaborated to make the Holocaust History Museum project a reality and, since 2018, the Foundation has supported the activities of the Yad Vashem Association in Spain.

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Awarding of the Max Mazin Scholarships and Prize – IX edition

On June 7, the awarding ceremony for the 25 winners of the Max Mazin Scholarships and the Institutional Prize to the Official College of Psychology of Madrid took place in the auditorium of the Pérez-Llorca Law Firm.

New Aditus graduating class, the 6th for the program

We welcome the group of students who make up the 6th Aditus Class. They are already working on the preparation of the admission processes to the best universities in the world. A group of 19 students in the first year of their Baccalaureate studies from 8 provinces and 16 schools (public, private and semi-public) located all over Spain.

Aid to Ukraine – Max Mazin Social Commitment

In collaboration with the organisation Israeli Flying Aid, the Max Mazin Foundation has managed the purchase and shipment of more than 180 tons of food to Ukraine.

Max Mazin Scholarships and Award Ceremony – VIII edition

On May 27, 2021, an online awarding ceremony for the 25 winners of the 8th edition of the Max Mazin Awards took place.

AlumniPEAC and young talent

What better way to start the activities of the AlumniPEAC project than by highlighting a quality shared by all the students of the program: talent.

Elena Isasi Theus receives the Roy and Diana Vagelos Science Challenge Award

An Aditus student, she has received the prestigious Roy and Diana Vagelos Science Challenge Award, from the University of Pennsylvania.