Max Mazin Foundation

The Max Mazin Foundation is dedicated to the study and memory of the personal, professional and institutional life of Max Mazin Brodovka, as well as the advancement of his values.
The Foundation promotes cultural, economic, scientific, educational, and social activities, with special emphasis on those related to Jewish culture, as well as the fostering and consolidation of relations between Spain, Israel, and Jewish communities throughout the world, through training programs, courses, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

The Foundation is especially interested in supporting projects in the realm of education, with academic, scientific and cultural programs which include grants and financial assistance. The development of new educational programs and initiatives in these fields is also a priority.

Furthermore, the Foundation focuses on supporting initiatives focused on fighting anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance, as well as promoting, supporting, and disseminating the study, research, and teaching of the Holocaust.

The Max Mazin Foundation is strictly family-run. Its board of directors is composed of Max’s four children, Dafna, Daniel, Ariel, and Miguel Mazin, and presided by his widow, Atara Mor Zilberstein.